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18ft x 12ft Disco Bouncer

Product Type:Disco Bouncy Castle

from £100

If your child loves to sing and dance then this is the product for you!

It's a bouncy castle with a twist. Hook it up to any mobile or sound system with bluetooth and you have your own bouncy disco. The integrated lights pulse with the beat. See the video below!

Our Disco Bouncer is twist on your standard Disco Dome, with an amazing translucent middle beam that lights up and plays with the music.

This product was made in England using the highest quality materials, all artwork is hand painted.

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Height Limits 0.50 m - 2.00 m
Depth 5.40m | 18ft
Width 3.70m | 12ft
Height 3.00m | 10ft
Suitability Indoor, Outdoor on Grass

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